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Burnt Money (Argentina)

"They called them The Twins. They were always together."

Based on the true story of a bank robbery in Buenos Aires in 1965, “Burnt Money” is a surprisingly touching film. The so called action-thriller focuses on the three bank robbers and their exploits before, during, and after the robbery. Known as the “Twins” due to their inseparability, El Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia) and his troubled Spanish lover Angel (Eduardo Noriega) team up with womanizer Cuervo (Pablo Echarri) to pull off the infamous stunt. However, things go wrong not only in the heist, but also, in their relationships with each other.

 Although the film is set up like a gangster movie, it is, in reality, a film about love. The acting is incredible. You can feel the torment of love and passion between the “Twins”. Their relationship, although taboo at the time, is presented beautifully.

A must-see if you are a fan of Argentine film.

Film recommendations for the not so normal

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